Monster’s University

The central theme behind Monster’s University was incredibly dark. Sure you have a happy ending, but wasn’t it Disney that taught us that, as kids, we could be whatever we wanted if we really tried? That, when you wish upon a star, your dreams come true?

And then there’s reality. That’s why Monster’s University hit so close to home for so many people. Our generation is told that we could be any profession. Want to be a baseball player? Practice every day. Want to be a doctor? Study extremely hard.

But not everyone can do these things and if we could, then we’d all be these professions. That’s why Mike Wizowski is Pixar’s realest character. A monster, who wants so badly to be a Scarer, who works his whole life to only find out that there’s something about him that just can’t be taught. He’ll never be a scarer. Just like not every girl will be an actress or not every boy will be a quarterback. We’re all meant to do something on this world. It’s not always what we want, but it doesn’t mean that it’s not important. We can sit here and tell the world how unfair it is that I wasn’t born with an angelic singing voice, but that will just make me a waste of space.

As I currently sit in my marketing job thinking about a time when I wanted to go to film school, I reflect on the possibility that I’m probably never going to be a director or a comedic actor. And that’s okay. I love marketing, I love silicon valley and tech companies, and I know that I’m meant to do something different.


Central Park

There’s something that stuck with me while I was in New York on vacation with my girlfriend. While we were sitting at Bethesda fountain in Central Park (a scene from Doctor Who was filmed there…which is why we went), we took a rest to do some people watching. What I saw was humanity at its finest.

There was just something magical about all the people at this particular fountain. And not just magical like Disneyland magical, but beauty in simplicity, magical (if that makes sense). There were two guys singing, one playing the banjo, and one playing the guitar. They provided the perfect background music for what I was observing. There was a man making gigantic bubbles with two sticks and some rope. Seeing grown men and women laugh along with children as the bubbles popped when they hit the ground reminded me how easy it is to be happy. There were two girls who were practicing a dance routine. They reminded me to find your passion. They danced like nobody was watching and they practiced continuously over and over and over. There was an asian teenaged boy who asked us to take a picture of him and his family. He was so excited and the family was so happy to be together. There was an old asian man giving a male tourist a massage. When he was done, the male tourist stood up and yelled “YEAH!” and gave the old asian man a huge hug. I’ve never seen anyone get so excited about a massage. There were families throwing coins into the fountain, old married couples holding hands, runners stretching after a good workout, high school students ready to graduate, tourist capturing memories, and my girlfriend and me, just taking the beauty that is humanity.

Whenever someone asks “Is man naturally good or evil?”, I say, just observe. Observe people being themselves. I think you’ll find that compassion and love is always around.

3 Takeaways Marketers can Learn from Community, the TV Show


In the TV wars, we see the struggle of David and Goliath in the form of Big Bang Theory vs. Community every Thursday night at 8pm. The Big Bang Theory, known for low-brow predictable jokes and widely accepted humor, outperforms every show in Nielsen ratings averaging in 11 points in the 18-42 year old category. How many points does Community earn? Usually about 1. But what Community has every Thursday night (that BBT doesn’t) is a trending topic on Twitter, and a fan base that will go out and buy items based on the ads they saw during Community…all to save their struggling show.

That is the kind of audience every brand desires. They want those evangelist who will protest to save their product and defend it against any haters. How did Dan Harmon get these followers? How did the little show that could, only 4 years old, have a fan created art show and brought 100 people together for a fan convention?

1) Make them be a part of your product. Dan Harmon would parody (I mean “homage”) several movie genres, tv tropes, and escapades. But he also paid homage to his fans. The fake interaction between Jeff and Annie over the music of “Gravity by Sara Bareillis” was a tribute to a fan-made video of the same content. Viewers went nuts! They felt as if what they said and do had an impact on the show.

Another example is when Jeff says “Sorry Gwinnifer I can’t make it. Well tell your disappointment to SUCK IT. I’m doing a bottle episode!”. The fans knew that Gwinnifer was someone who has been tweeting hateful things at Dan Harmon. It’s like the viewers are in on a big inside joke and watching this show makes you feel exclusive. And that’s what you have to do to your fans. You have to let them know that what they say and do has impact. Now, the hard part is weeding out what’s worthy of content from what’s not…but that’s why you hire funny and quirky social media managers!

2) Always be thankful. Community has some big names. Joel McHale, Chevy Chase, and Ken Jeong. They also have some young, up and coming actors and actresses including Alison Brie, Danny Pudi, and Donald Glover. These power players have thousands of followers and enormous influence. Whether its Yvette tweeting a fan-made Community video she loved or Gillian replying to someone on Vine who asked her to prom, they make the fans feel special. And they constantly remind the fans of how thankful they are for all of the support.  Sometimes that’s all you need to do is to remind the fans that you are what you are because of them, not because you have an amazing marketing genius or a team of brilliant engineers. Your fans make you who you are today. There isn’t a ramble from Dan Harmon that goes by where he isn’t constantly reminding everyone that the fans of Community are the best fans any show could ask for.

3) Have fun with it. Dan Harmon turned what a hater said into a timeless joke on Community. He constantly pokes fun at Big Bang Theory, Glee, and his own work. A brand thats willing to joke around with their audience is a brand that’s relatable and trustworthy. The way Dan was able to listen to his audience and turn it around into a joke gave Community a personality. It was like the show was some person we could interact with. He made Community relatable, which is why so many viewers have such a strong connection to a show that can make you laugh and cry all in the same episode.

Now if you weren’t able to tell already, I love this show. It is the best sitcom since Arrested Development and deserves to stay on the air. #Sixseasonsandamovie

Forrest Gump

I just caught the end of Forrest Gump on tv. First of all, I love this movie. The best part for me is the end when he finds out that little Forrest is his son. The first thing he asks (after saying he is beautiful) is “Is he…”

this is my favorite part because through the whole movie, you see everyone tell Forrest that he’s too stupid and he just lets it roll off his back like he doesn’t care. You fall in love with forrest and the fact that he never let anyone bother him or tell him he couldn’t do something.

but at the end when he’s worried that little Forrest is going to be stupid, because he’s worried he inherited his “stupidness” (which, in my opinion, Tom Hanks acted perfectly) lets you realize that 1) he doesn’t quite understand how genetics work and 2) It shows that he hates the fact that he’s stupid. You think that he’s happy because of the way he carries himself through life but in reality, he’s terrified that his own son will have to endure people telling him he’s stupid just like everyone told him. Those people got to him. Forrest is our hero because he lives the way we should all live, and yet we break down to see that even our hero can be hurt by people’s words.

I don’t have a moral or a lesson from this. It’s just an amazingly acted and heartfelt scene.


Don’t even get me started on that feather. It represents the whole damn movie. Is that feather destined to land near Forrest? or is it just floating in the wind all accidental-like. Seriously this movie is going to be a classic forever.

Unwritten Facebook Rules

Facebook is great. Its full of great people and is amazing for brands. But there are a few things that people still do on facebook that really give people a weird feeling, or irritate them. Do not be one of those people! Just follow these unwritten facebook etiquette and rules, and you’ll be fine.

1. If you’re a guy, don’t “like” any pictures of a girl in a bikini. This is pretty obvious because you don’t want her thinking that you have been looking all over her album…even if you are. You can get away with liking one that has a group of friends in it, or the one that she makes her profile picture. But don’t like more than one.

2. Don’t change your profile picture to your baby. That’s just weird and maybe I don’t understand because I don’t have kids, but I do know how annoying it is to think you have a baby friend.

3. Don’t update every little thing your new born does. Most people don’t care. Only your mother and grandma reallly care, so I suggest just emailing them.

4. If you’re in a couple, DON’T POST ON EACH OTHER’S WALLS. It’s just seen as fake. Like you’re trying to prove to everyone how in love you two are. Something like “I love you baby!” can be sent in a private message or in a text. Otherwise its stupid.

5. Don’t tag yourself in your photos. I don’t know where this weird rule came in, but you often see people who aren’t tagged in any of the photos they upload. I guess it just feels kind of narcissistic to tag yourself.

6. Don’t make your album names something stupid. Things like “Summer ’10” or “College” are great and get the point across. But naming it “Oldies but goodies” or “You don’t know you’re beautiful” make no damn sense. You aren’t deep for quoting a book in your album name, you are pretentious and a terd.

7. Don’t send random friends who you don’t really talk to invites to anything. its awkward. “Oh hey random girl from geometry class. Would you like to send me crops?” ummm….

8. Don’t answer math questions if you don’t know order of operations. Have you seen this question on facebook: 5+5+5-5+5+5-5-5+5 x 0 = ?. You’d be really sad to see how many people answer “0” and are completely serious about it. It just makes you look bad that you couldn’t spend 10 seconds inputting that into a calculator….or even just google search!

Hope this helps you to not become that irritating person on facebook. Follow these rules and your friends will thank me! Have a great day!


Gregg Hanano

3 Best Blogging Practices for Businesses

The first course of the Inbound Marketing University involves the ever painful blogging experience.  As many know, blogging has become an essential part to any website selling a product or service.  The internet is full of information, and people have realized that if you want the best, you have to research and read up on the best.  Google search also loves blogs, because it helps you with your keyword implementation and SEO experience.  So why doesn’t every business have a blog yet?  Because as much as blogging can help you, it can also hurt you and your brand name.

Blogging takes a large amount of time.  It is not something that you post once in a while with only half the effort.  These 3 blogging tactics will help you find readers, and shorten that sales cycle!

1. Don’t blog if you don’t have the time or resources to do it! (or just don’t want to!)
– Its better to just not have a blog!  If you can’t commit a large amount of time to blogging and really take it seriously, you’ll end up with 5 month old posts and people thinking “This company can’t really keep up with the changing world.”

2. Don’t try to sell!
– The 2nd best practice seems like a paradox!  The point of a blog is to try to increase sales, but I’m not trying to sell?  YES!  The last thing people want to read is about how AWESOME you are.  And how you should buy from them because they offer the BEST stuff.  You’ll get dismissed immediately as F.O.S (full of….stuff).  Your blog should be used as an established way to process your ideas and share your findings.  When you establish yourself as a thought leader, that is when people will value your opinions, and see what you have to offer.

3. Organize your blog correctly!
– If I wanted to read a cluttered mess, I’d go back to Myspace.  Your blog should follow a typical layout with a wide column on the left with the content, and a narrow sidebar on the right.  There are a few other layouts including a 2 sidebar, 1 content layout and a sidebar on left, content on right, layout.  You should also always have a header, a clean design, and maybe a catchy title (your brand name would also work).  I chose “3AM Thoughts) because I’m constantly up all night, thinking about the randomness of the world.

When done correctly, blogging can bring in more website visitors and convert more leads.  Also, the cost of blogging is much cheaper than the cost of media advertisements and PPC ads.  So if your business hasn’t started blogging yet, hire a few and get your name out there!  I’m looking for work! HIRE ME! Haha

How to Blog Effectively for Business (GF101)

My first post on wordpress!

Hello wordpress community!

My name is Gregg and I’m just here to talk about my ideas and share my thoughts.  I started this because I am currently taking the Inbound Marketing University course over at and the homework assignments require you to blog about the topics.  BUT WHY STOP THERE?  In this blog, I’ll be going over pop culture, being Asian American, TV, SEO, Social media networking, and anything else that comes to my mind (YOUTUBE STARS).  I hope you can join me on this ride as I attempt to be a blogger. HAH.

Alright thats all.  Goodnight!